LPG for Tech

Pure propane or technical propane is a hydrocarbonic liquefied gas used for different production and technological purposes. In production liquefied gas comprises a wide spectrum of heat treatment of various parts and surfaces. For example, burning of pure propane is used for metal cutting or drying of painted surfaces. Liquefied gas is also used as admixture in spray-bottles, for example, in bottles of construction foam. Technical liquefied gas can be supplied into reservoirs or cylinders. The advantage of cylinders is that they are transportable whereas a reservoir is installed fixedly. However, the cost of liquefied gas in a reservoir is somewhat lower than that of liquefied gas in cylinders. That is conditioned by costs on servicing, filling and transportation of cylinders.

In agriculture liquefied gas is used for drying of grain, heating of cow sheds, greenhouses, farms and other technological premises. Using liquefied gas one can solve several problems at one stroke – heat one’s house and household, cook meals and even light up one’s lot.

For roofing and metal cutting works cylinder technical gas in cylinders of various types is used. Technical gas in cylinders can be relocated which is the advantage as compared with fixed reservoirs.

One more sphere for use of liquefied gas – special cylinders for lift trucks. A lift truck operating on liquefied gas is a powerful and manoeuvrable loader able to work in closed premises owing to ecologically pure fuel. Our Company fills special cylinders only with high-quality and pure gas. Such gas releases you from frequent servicing and prolongs life-time of the engine. One should keep in mind that high-quality, continuous and pure gas burning can be ensured only by using high-quality pure propane (content of more than 90%). You can always order from us any cylinder with technical gas, special cylinders for loaders or a reservoir for your production and technological needs. Thanks to the individual approach you can get most favourable conditions both on installation of gas equipment and deliveries of liquefied gas.

We have at our disposal the whole spectrum of equipment for receiving of the volume of energy and heat that you need. One should keep in mind that upon extensive extraction of liquefied gas, an evaporator installation is installed together with the reservoir. Evaporator installations are capable of evaporating from 30 up to 700 kg per hour. By that with the help of such equipment we can get from 400 up to 10,000 kW of energy per hour. There are evaporators with even bigger capacity but they are used very rarely. We are ready to solve any complex tasks from designing to mounting and maintenance of gas equipment