It’s no secret that autogas is an economical and ecologically pure kind of fuel. In the European countries more and more public and personal transport is being converted to autogas, decreasing by that the costs and preserving the environment.

Ecology. The tests carried out by the agencies on environmental protection in different countries show that cars operating on liquefied gas produce up to 90% less carbon monoxide, toxins and other exhausts creating smog. In many big cities the authorities have decided to convert city service buses and cars to liquefied gas. Using autogas on your own car you will contribute to pure future.

Economy. Owing to the fact that liquefied gas is recognized as an ecologically pure fuel, in Europe a low excise rate is established, which allows to stimulate the use of autogas in the sphere of public and personal autotransport. Due to that, enterprises owning a car fleet, taxi companies as well as private persons use autogas for reduction of expenses. When the petrol excise in Estonia reaches the European level, economy on autogas will reach 50%.