LPG in cylinders

It is known that many chefs prefer to cook only on gas. Gas fire is well controlled, which is why with its help it is easy to get a desired culinary effect. Many of you have observed brilliant work of a cook preparing meals on a high open flame, allowing the fire to openly affect the food, achieving incomparable results of preserving juiciness and quality of food.

Of course, the majority of us do not possess the highest skills of cooks mastery, but we know how easy it is to control the intensity of heating of a gas range. The gas range definitely ensures the possibility of even and quick warming. However, many people see drawbacks here in the form of carbon and soot deposits. There are two methods to solve that problem – controlling the state of the gas range and extraction on the one hand, and using high-quality liquefied gas on the other. The use of low-quality liquefied gas results in soot, unpleasant smell and due to that frequent repair and servicing of gas equipment.

AS Propaan supplies to the market cylinders of several types, which can suit various needs of the clients, from using in the house to grilling in the open air. Household liquefied gas consists of the mixture of two gases – propane and butane. The gas supplied by our Company is maximally pure household gas as the mix is made of the two pure components ensuring pure burning without emission of harmful substances and unpleasant smell.

When it comes to deliveries of cylinder gas AS Propaan is the most convenient and advantageous partner as beside a wide network of gas sale in the filling stations, our Company is the only one in Estonia having its own network of selling points in all cities and towns. Working with us you will always get a most favourable price offer for cylinder gas.

The spectrum of our services includes delivery of cylinder gas directly to your home. Those who will choose heating their home with liquefied gas will be able to use it also for the gas range. Heating systems consist of a cupboard with cylinders or underground or ground reservoirs. In such case complex use of liquefied gas both for heating and as a source of energy for a gas range is most convenient and favourable.

For our loyal customers we always offer most favourable prices both upon purchase of cylinder gas on the spot and in case of home delivery.